Seven Management and Consulting, Inc., emerged out of a thirst for understanding, a passion for engaging education, and a need for collaboration.

Megan Yoo Schneider became fascinated with unintended consequences early on in life, resulting in extensive research on methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) bioremediation and disinfection byproduct (trihalomethane [THM]) formation and removal. Both MTBE and THMs are potential carcinogens that presented significant water quality issues but were the result of well-intentioned efforts to achieve better public health. She became driven by the desire to implement programs and projects that took a holistic look at the overall impact without losing focus on the detailed components of any particular project.

Then, in college, at a conference for future leaders in engineering, Megan had the opportunity to participate in a leadership workshop that allowed each attendee to identify the color representing their personality traits. During this workshop, Megan ended up being the only engineer in the room standing in the corner associated with communication, collaboration, and education. She recognized that while she had a passion and natural talent for grasping technical concepts and tackling challenging problems, she also possessed an affinity for being able to communicate and translate difficult and complex technical information in an easily understandable and relatable manner.


That’s when she realized her role in today’s world of information and technology. She was to be the innovator serving as the bridge between stakeholders, the connector providing linkages between ideas, people, and things, and most of all, the facilitator enabling these connections and creative inspirations — all while promoting understanding and education.

Seven Management and Consulting, Inc., is here to develop and optimize strategies for effective utility management, manage and execute projects with both attention to detail and a big picture focus, facilitate collaboration and coordination, and provide ideal solutions that evaluate and minimize the damaging effects of unintended consequences.

The number seven symbolizes perfection and completion, and Seven Management and Consulting, Inc., will consistently strive to achieve both perfection and completion in all of its endeavors.